What is FFGS?

FAITH FOUNDATION GLOBAL SCHOOLS have been created for promoting ‘Free Thought’ and the ‘Courage to Express’ it. We aim to foster originality, individuality, and creativity. That alone isn’t enough if a rich vein of confidence does not aid it.


Education must use ‘Life’ as a textbook. At FFGS, students are motivated to test their learning, make it work in real life situations, and, with that input, learn to choose better. We believe that if a major part of a child’s life is worth the education, the education itself should be worth that time too.

our Vision

“Our vision is to inspire and enable children to live a more enriching and meaningful life, with broader, bolder, holistic and international standard education."

Our Mission

"Our mission is to build a constructive system of education that aims at giving a purpose-driven life to a child, a life which is beyond jobs and rote learning and has a larger purpose to make a positive contribution to the society at large. To Change the Prospective towards education, from merely being a milestone to power in life."

Team Members

#Awarded as Best School of the Year


What peoples are say about us

These School is best .. In dewas city and its infrastructure is very nice.

_Harsh Chadoker

Associate Marketing

First attempt feel very excited and hope if execute as per management plan it will be next best in MP and central India!!! Should excellence in every department

_Ajit Chaube

Self Employed

Faith Foundation School not only focuses on improving my son’s areas of need but also really puts a huge emphasis on bolstering his individual strengths. 

_Sanju Solanki

Officer at Mylan laboratories Ltd Indore

I m glad to saw such kind of development in my city, I wish all d very best to all d students n persons who initiates dis

_Jaya Tanwar Solanki

Marketing and Finance

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