To start with, we have ADOPTED the best facets and practices of both, the international and Indan curricula. The in-depth probing of our curriculum comes from the Indian method. The hands-on experimentation, through projects and live exposure during learning, comes from the international curricula.


We have ADAPTED them to our specific teaching objectives. We have vetted the milestones in our curriculum for effective retention and mastry by every individual student. This learning has been accrued from consultations and leading educationist and opinion leaders in the field.


We INNOVATE with the material & methods of study. The imparting of education is a malleable process that is never limited by any prescribed rules. The objective is deeper and wholesome learning, always.
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“Our vision is to inspire and enable children to live a more enriching and meaningful life, with broader, bolder, holistic and international standard education.”


“Our mission is to build a constructive system of education that aims at giving a purpose-driven life to a child, a life which is beyond jobs and rote learning and has a larger purpose to make a positive contribution to the society at large. To Change the Prospective towards education, from merely being a milestone to power in life.”


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FAITH FOUNDATION GLOBAL SCHOOLS have been created for promoting ‘Free Thought’ and the ‘Courage to Express’ it. We aim to foster originality, individuality, and creativity. That alone isn’t enough if a rich vein of confidence does not aid it.

“Education isn’t just information.
It is what you do with the information.”

With state of the art infrastructure and international teaching standards, FFGS School has much to offer the children- technology enabled Wi-Fi campus with world-class sports infrastructure, brain-friendly learning, a curriculum based on scientific educational theories such as Multiple intelligences and Bloom’s Taxonomy, interactive activities and exercises on apple i-pads and much more. Also, the ERP enabled campus helps the parents connect with the teachers and view learning updates on a daily basis. Holistic development, Value-based education, and Practical learning are the primary areas FFGS School will focus on and these will be achieved with the efforts and dedication of entire FFGS team. We are here to create a space where the minds get free imagination and every child is able to reach his full potential. We welcome you to be a part of this transformational journey.

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19 Feb , 2019
04 pm - 07 pm Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
03 May , 2019
12 am - 12 am Dewas, Madhya Pradesh
10 Mar , 2019
11 am - 01 pm Dewas, Madhya Pradesh


Kankuleela Education Trust launches the first of its kind’s world class school to be operated as Faith Foundation Global School, Dewas with a vision to give every child a truly global competence. Dewas, Madhya Pradesh.

Every child is unique and relates to different ways of learning- let us not limit their possibilities to fly high. The learning process is no more a burden now, it is exciting! Keeping in pace with the needs of the modern world, FFGS aspires to bring students to the practical learning platform. Theme-based learning combined with Apple digital technology makes everyday school work interesting and amazing.

The curriculum is based on International Primary Curriculum (IPC) – a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum for 3-12-year-olds, with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for international mindedness and for personal learning. To provide experiential learning to the children, the school has incorporated programs such as National Geographic Explorer and Butterfly fields in the curriculum. 

Our Ideology

This are best infrastructured school of near by our town and all teaching staff in school nice & gd . academic and sports facilitie is also good for growing up our child.
_Sanju Solanki, Officer at Mylan laboratories Ltd Indore
First attempt feel very excited and hope if execute as per management plan it will be next best in MP and central India!!! Should excellence in every department
_Ajit Chaube, Self Employed
i m glad to saw such kind of development in my city,i wish all d very best to all d students n persons who initiates dis
_Jaya Tanwar Solanki, Marketing and Finance
These School is best .. In dewas city and its infastructer is very nice
_Harsh Chadoker, Associate Marketing
sanju solanki
ajit chaube
jaya tanwar solanki
harsh chadoker

FFGS promises every child a Strong and Sure start!

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