Pre Primary School

‘Early Childhood Education’ is often perceived as a simple endeavor focused on play and introductory learning of letters and numbers. This prevailing notion overlooks the profound impact these formative years have on a child’s overall development. Research underscores the need for a deliberate and scientifically informed approach to Early Childhood Education. The foundational years are crucial to shaping a child’s physical, emotional, cognitive, and social trajectory. Recognizing this, at FFGS, we prioritize each facet of development while nurturing our young learners.

Within our Nursery to Senior Kindergarten grades, we implement a thematic curriculum that fosters exploration and skill enhancement across various domains. Linguistic, cognitive, psychomotor, and aesthetic competencies are cultivated methodically through engaging activities. With a student-to-teacher ratio of 1:24, comprising a primary teacher and an assistant, we ensure a nurturing and secure environment conducive to optimal growth.

Key features of our approach include:

Continuous assessment mechanisms are employed to monitor each child’s progress, behavior, and developmental milestones, ensuring personalized support and guidance.

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