Why Choose FFGS ?

Our Curriculum

Are you concerned that rote learning-focused traditional education methods are limiting your children’s curiosity and creativity? Do you feel they’re merely regurgitating information like parrots? If you’re seeking a more enriching and empowering learning environment, look no further than FFGS. Our EXPLORE program offers a transformative journey into authentic learning experiences, inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom: “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me, and I learn.”

Our team of experts created our textbooks, which are based on the EXPLORE program, a ground-breaking strategy that integrates thematic, cross-disciplinary learning. This innovative method empowers students to explore diverse subjects through interconnected themes, engaging in experiential learning activities that cater to their individual learning styles. Embracing the theory of multiple intelligences, the program tailors instruction to each child’s unique strengths, preparing them to thrive in a competitive world while fostering deep subject knowledge.

We believe true learning occurs when students can apply their knowledge in real-world contexts. Our textbooks, aligned with the EXPLORE philosophy, cultivate curiosity and conceptual understanding through:

– Envisioning the big picture (Envisage)

– Facilitating cognitive understanding (Xperience)

– Approaching concepts practically (Perform)

– Aligning learning with relevant themes (Learn)

– Applying learning effectively (Outreach)

– Reinforcing and summarizing concepts (Reinforcement)

– Evaluating learning outcomes (Evaluation)

Each chapter of our textbooks guides students on a learning expedition, featuring sections such as Gear Up, Route Map, Drive Through, Pit Stop, Word Miles, Fact Fuel, Drive Tools, Mind Steer, Track Record, and Meet Your Meter. This holistic approach ensures students embark on a journey of discovery, enhancing their understanding and retention of concepts while nurturing their natural curiosity.

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