Primary School

What constitutes Primary education? Is it merely about crayons, comprehension, arithmetic, and playground games like dodgeball? Far from it. Primary education encompasses a wealth of essential components crucial for a child’s holistic development. Serving as the foundational stage of formal education, it caters to children aged 6 to 10, spanning grades 1 to 4.

At FFGS, we adopt a theme-based international curriculum for grades 1 to 4, meticulously designed to foster interdisciplinary learning and practical application of knowledge. Beyond mere rote memorization, our approach emphasizes the real-world application of acquired skills. These formative years prioritize skill development, including vital life skills and hands-on experiential learning.

The curriculum covers English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies (EVS), Values Education, and Computers, aiming to nurture analytical and critical thinking, cultivate effective communication skills, instill core values, and familiarize students with technology.

Continuous assessment methods are employed, with teachers diligently documenting their observations. Our curriculum integrates diverse activities such as projects, assignments, worksheets, field trips, nature walks, guest lectures, creative writing, and spoken English sessions to enrich the learning experience and cater to varied learning styles.

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