Middle School

Middle school students differ significantly from primary school students. They are young adolescents, and as such, they must be at the center of the learning process and challenged. With this in mind, our middle school curriculum is based on the theory of multiple intelligences and experiential learning. The activities are intended to encourage students to think critically and solve problems by applying what they have learned to their daily lives. Because most students in these grades have mastered the ability to comprehend symbolic and abstract ideas, they learn best by doing. As a result, we place a high value on hands-on activities, practical learning, and exposure to real-world situations, such as factory visits and manufacturing units.

Children study the following subjects, according to the CBSE Board’s curriculum: English, Hindi, Math, Science, Social Science, and Computers. Sanskrit is taught as an additional language beginning in grade 5. Subject enrichment activities such as practical’s and experiential learning, interdisciplinary projects, problem solving exercises, art integrated activities, field work, guest lectures, creative writing, and PPT presentations are all part of the academic program in these grades. Internals are given due weight in the assessment, which is done over two terms.

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