Value Education Lab

Since it enables students to forge wholesome relationships with one another, develop a strong sense of self, and make moral decisions, value education is seen as a crucial component of education. A value education lab helps students develop their civic responsibility and active citizenship by teaching them to value the diversity of cultures and viewpoints.

Students at FFGS learn about values, ethics, and moral principles in the value education lab. Students are taught about fundamental values like respect, accountability, honesty, and compassion in these labs using resources and materials like books, movies, and hands-on activities. A value education lab seeks to promote a supportive and welcoming school environment while assisting kids in growing their social and emotional intelligence.

Students often participate in activities like role-playing, group discussions, and service learning projects in FFGS’s value education lab. Through these exercises, students learn the significance of values in both their personal and professional life and how to apply them in practical settings.

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