International Mindedness

We believe that every child should be internationally minded. For us as a school, international mindedness forms a values-based framework in which we teach concepts like collaboration, compassion, and empathy. We believe leading corporations are searching for prospective leaders with a keen sense of global awareness that have deep and broad perspectives on economics, the environment, human rights, and political structures. It is the internationally minded student of today who will lead the world of tomorrow.

For our students, international mindedness entails embracing a set of values that include kindness, tolerance, and acceptance of different points of view. Being in a multicultural environment is not unusual for our children, and they quickly become empathetic to others’ views and opinions.

That’s important because globally competent leaders in the 21st century possess a distinct array of values, attitudes, behaviours, and concepts. They realise how their own culture shapes their understanding of others, for instance, and they can engage in constructive dialogue with people from a variety of perspectives. They learn to make adaptations to their thoughts where appropriate and are able to help support and understand their peers. Our children gain a deep sense of respect for each other and have a passion for learning about other people’s backgrounds.

Further, an attitude of openness to new ways of thinking helps kids frame questions, analyse data, and apply new understanding to complex puzzles. By valuing international mindedness, our teachers can equip students with multi-faceted skills for personal and professional success. They can facilitate opportunities for kids to experience what life after school may look like while at the same time, providing support to their kids.

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